Embroidered Fleece Jackets For Staff Outfits – How to Get it Right

Wise and comfortable, Embroidered Fleece Spencer make an ideal mid-layer garment intended for Staff Uniforms, but there are a few things to bear in mind.

In my previous article, Corporate Fleeces for Staff Uniform, I outlined some of the basic considerations to help you in choosing the right Fleece Jacket : now let’s look at how to make sure your company logo looks right when embroidered.

As I explained previously, as well as the different styles of Fleece Jacket, there are also different types of fleece fabric available and not all of these are suited to embroidery.

Fleece Fabrics When the staff at Malden Mills created the first Polyester fleece in 1979, it was marketed under the brands Polar fleece or Polar Tec, but there are now many fabrics that are referred to as ‘Polar fleece’ that actually have nothing to do with the original developers as well as the term has commonly come to imply a fleece fabric that has a moderate thickness of pile.

The elevation of the pile is created during the production process, as the fabric is cleaned with mechanical bristles to raise a pile, which is then cut or ‘sheared’ to an uniform height.

Substitute fleece fabrics include: Microfleece — a fabric that is cut with a low pile, as the name indicates.

Drop-needle fleece – produced using a knitting technique in which some of the needles of the knitting machine are disengaged, in order to create a texture of steak (or occasionally circles) down the fabric.

Sherpa fleece – is a seriously tufted fleece made by curling the surface pile during manufacture, to give the appearance of lamb’s wool.

Berber fleece jacket – has a curled knobbly surface with a mottled look, which is achieved by using fibres of different colours.

Fleece jacket Jackets made from drop-needle, Sherpa or Berber fleece look great and create a very nice item of fashion clothes but they are difficult fabrics to embroider, which is why the more standard fleece and microfleece fabrics are most favored for Corporate Fleeces. I’ll clarify why.

A Stitch in Time With regards to choosing the right fabric and getting your Fleece jacket Jackets embroidered correctly, the saying ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ is fairly apt, because putting in just a little thought and effort early on will save potential disappointment later.

Embroidering a company logo or name on a dress involves stitching into the fabric to recreate the logo design or text in looped threads.
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As the threads are tightened, they are drawn into the particular fabric, so any material that is not smooth or has a heap, such as fleece, will tend to hide the threads, making the logo design or text seem to disappear. That is why a lot more thought needs to be given to embroidering on fleece and if your logo design features fine lines or text, then this issue becomes even more appropriate.

A lot of buyers are attracted to heavier Fleeces thinking that they will be warmer regarding personnel but that’s not necessarily accurate and as I explained in my previous content, a jacket made from a thick lightweight microfleece can be significantly hotter than one made from the thicker or low quality fleece.

For this reason, the best option option for Staff Uniform is usually to select a Fleece Jacket made out of a great quality microfleece, so that staff members remain warm and the embroidered style can stand out clearly – even then it can sometimes be necessary to thicken the finest ranges or increase the size of small text but a good supplier will be able to give you the options and most can provide a virtual sample of how the particular stitched logo will look before bulk manufacturing begins.

If however , you like the appearance of a Fleece with a heavier heap, then it’s not the end from the globe but your supplier will probably have to blazon some sort of block background, in order to flatten the pile of the fleece jacket and give your logo greater effect. Simply bear in mind that this additional embroidery will increase the stitch count and for that reason force the price up slightly.

So there you have it, a few things to consider when choosing Embroidered Fleece Jackets for your Employees Uniform. Bear them in mind and choose an expert supplier and you should be assured of great searching fleeces that will serve both your business and your staff for years to come.

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