Active Ingredients in Tanning Lotions

Active ingredients in tanning lotions need not be a topic of magical information and hard to pronounce, let alone understand, ingredients. A common misconception is that buying the most expensive lotions is the same as buying the cheaper version. The fact is the price of lotions for use while tanning in a solarium, is based on three cost factors:

Marketing and Branding
Design, Ingredients, and Manufacturing
True quality is based off of the design, ingredients, and manufacturing. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive lotions for indoor tanning are, the better they are. To get the best active ingredients are going to cost more, but the results your customers see will speak volumes. Focus on the best ingredients, put thought and time into marketing the line among your customers, and you’ll find an acceptable return to justify a slightly more pricey solarium lotion line.

When reviewing active ingredients in tanning lotions, there are some little known secrets:

The first ingredients listed are the most used within the lotion, and ingredients descend from most to least present. Water or aqua is usually listed first. If this is the case, about 50% of the bottle you’re holding is probably water. The cheaper the lotion, the more the water. Some formulas are up to 80% water. So you’re basically getting a bottle of water instead of true indoor tanning lotions. Most lotions have very few active ingredients. The percentage if rarely above 15% and usually below 5%. The cheaper the lotion, the fewer active ingredients you will find.

Now that you are armed with this vital information about active ingredients in tanning lotions, how do you choose a truly good lotion and not a bottle of water? Natural ingredients are the answer. A lotion based on Aloe-Vera is the best.
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Aloe-Vera is Mother Nature’s best moisturizer. Aloe promotes healthy skin and good skin care, which result in a tan of better color and longevity.

As a salon owner, you probably already have a line of indoor tanning lotions that your customers swear by. Why change up? If the line you’re current buying is mostly made of water, your customers aren’t going to see a difference until you switch them over to an Aloe-based lotion. Customers who tan in the solarium trust you to have the best product waiting for them because you have all of the “insider knowledge.”

As we said earlier, a little marketing surrounding new line for tanning in the solarium is the small push your customers will need to try it out. You don’t have to concentrate on explaining all of the ins and outs of active ingredients in tanning lotions to them. Instead, hit on the importance of “natural.” Everyone wants a natural tan from indoor tanning lotions because they want people to think they’ve been basking in rays, not the solarium.

By seeking an Aloe-based lotion you’ll narrow the indoor tanning lotions to choose from, which will make your choice easier. It is vital to choose a natural lotion from a reliable manufacturer with experience and reputation to back them up. You want the best ingredients that are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. You also want a manufacturer sporting a wide line of lotions so your customers have choices.

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