What To Do In Eugene, Oregon

Will you be traveling to Eugene, Oregon? If the answer is yes you have a lot of options to choose from as far as attractions. This vibrant city is full of activities for you and your family to enjoy. Keep reading this article to learn about a few things you should check out while you are in Eugene.

One great place to visit is the Oregon Air and Space Museum. This museum will teach you about the history of Aviation in Oregon. This includes several planes like a World War I Fokker tri-plane, an F-86 Saber and even a Japanese Zero. There are several more aircraft and it is quite an impressive collection. For more information on the museum you can call 541-461-1101.

Another great attraction to take in is the Nike Store and Museum. You might not be aware of this but Nike was started in Eugene. The museum traces the history of Nike and the town of Eugene. Its not the biggest attraction but it might be worth checking out. For more information on this attraction you can call 541-342-5155.

Yet another popular attraction in Eugene is the Fifth Street Market. This is a great place to shop and people watch and is very popular. You can find some great souvenirs and products or just walk around and eat some food while taking in historic Eugene. This one is a definite must see.
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There are many more attractions to take in while in Eugene like the University of Oregon or Alton Baker Park but I will save those for another article. Have fun enjoying and exploring Eugene.

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