SIA Close Protection Course Selection – Is Selection Really Necessary?

As a company who supply security training, I feel we have a responsibility to ensure that people who attend our Close Protection training course are fit for the role.

Most training companies today are happy to take anyone’s money, teach them the very basics and then show them the door. As such, the security industry today is flooded with personnel who have no experience and generally no skill. This has had a knock on effect to the industry as a whole. Whereas the Close Protection industry was a once specialized area that you could only crack with hard work, it’s now open to anyone who can pay £1500 for a course. Looking in from the outside, my years of experience means nothing as I now have the same licence as the shelf-stacker from Tesco who fancied being a bodyguard, did a course and got a licence.

So what has this done to the industry? The person who has just obtained his licence now need some experience. I have personally seen people offer their services to companies for free to get this experience. Some companies see this as an opportunity to create more profit, so they are happy to supply less-experienced security officers on tasks that may require a more suitable person. Once again, it’s the client who pays the price at the end of the day.

With the influx of people into every licensing sector, the security industry standard has dropped significantly.

It Starts With The Training Providers

As security training providers, it is possible that we can do our part to raise the standard of security officers. I offer a Close Protection course, but I select every person who attends. My goal is to be able to say that I would work with every single person that attends my course. Selection is not a difficult process, just an informal chat about your expectations for your close protection career, what you have done to prepare and a few other simple questions. But if I feel you are not ready, then I’ll tell you. We do tell people what they can do to better prepare but they are more than welcome to use a different training provider if they wish. People who do attend my course will find it both physically and mentally challenging.

People who work in Close Protection need to be fit. They need to be able to communicate in English. They need to be able to work on their own and they have to be dedicated to what they are doing.

Security Training Is A Business

There are many people who make a living from the security training business, but since the introduction of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), sadly it has been to the detriment of the security industry.

If you are a person serious about Close Protection Training, make sure you get the very best training you can afford. Ensure that your instructor has at least got some real-world experience. Visit the many different security forums and ask questions about training providers. If you use the search facility you will find hundreds of posts on the subject of Close Protection Training. There are some great courses available for between £1,400 – £2,000.

So Is Selection Really Necessary?

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