SIA Close Security Study course Assortment – Is Variety Really Needed?

As a firm who source stability education, I sense we have a accountability to guarantee that folks who go to our Near Safety education class are fit for the purpose.

Most training businesses these days are happy to get anyone’s money, teach them the extremely essentials and then demonstrate them the door. As these, the safety market nowadays is flooded with staff who have no knowledge and generally no talent. This has had a knock on impact to the field as a complete. While the Near Defense industry was a at the time specialised spot that you could only crack with difficult operate, it truly is now open up to everyone who can shell out £1500 for a system. Seeking in from the outside the house, my several years of working experience usually means nothing as I now have the similar licence as the shelf-stacker from Tesco who fancied being a bodyguard, did a class and acquired a licence.

So what has this done to the industry? The particular person who has just received his licence now will need some knowledge. I have individually noticed persons offer you their companies to organizations for cost-free to get this knowledge. Here is more information on Close protection bodyguard look into our web site.
Some companies see this as an opportunity to develop far more income, so they are joyful to source less-professional safety officers on duties that might have to have a more suitable man or woman. As soon as again, it is the consumer who pays the selling price at the close of the working day.

With the influx of people today into every licensing sector, the protection market normal has dropped significantly.

It Commences With The Education Suppliers

As safety training vendors, it is doable that we can do our element to increase the common of security officers. I supply a Close Protection program, but I choose every man or woman who attends. My target is to be able to say that I would work with just about every single individual that attends my system. Choice is not a difficult method, just an casual chat about your expectations for your near defense job, what you have accomplished to get ready and a few other easy concerns. But if I feel you are not prepared, then I am going to tell you. We do convey to folks what they can do to much better prepare but they are extra than welcome to use a various instruction company if they desire. Individuals who do attend my system will find it both equally physically and mentally demanding.

Men and women who work in Close Protection have to have to be healthy. They have to have to be in a position to talk in English. They require to be capable to work on their personal and they have to be committed to what they are carrying out.

Security Teaching Is A Enterprise

There are numerous individuals who make a living from the protection instruction business, but since the introduction of the Protection Field Authority (SIA), unfortunately it has been to the detriment of the safety marketplace.

If you are a man or woman significant about Close Safety Training, make guaranteed you get the incredibly most effective instruction you can manage. Be certain that your instructor has at least got some actual-planet encounter. Take a look at the lots of diverse security community forums and question questions about schooling suppliers. If you use the search facility you will uncover hundreds of posts on the subject matter of Near Defense Coaching. There are some great classes readily available for in between £1,four hundred – £2,000.

Firearms Teaching for Shut Security Officers

The earliest identified evidence of guns comes from China. A statue dating from the twelfth century was found in a cave in Sichuan. This statue depicts a determine carrying a vase-formed bombard with flames and a cannonball coming out of it. The oldest true gun that has been uncovered was from 1288. Firearms didn’t make it to the west until the 14th century but then they swiftly unfold and the whole globe had firearms by the 16th century.

Given that this time firearms have increasingly grow to be the weapon of decision for most dangerous scenario and have made other weaponry obsolete. Firearms has grow to be a time period which refers to anything from a pistol to a nuclear weapon. Guns are presently being used in war zones all all over the entire world even localised gang wars in western nations like The us which suffered more than 3000 gun deaths in 2009.

If you are intrigued in starting to be a close protection officer then you will want to have a good grasp of firearms, although likely not the nuclear types! You will need to have to be proficient in the use of firearms and also how to counter there use in opposition to you.

Any good close protection program will provide you with firearms instruction this really should include tactical weapons training pistol CQB and Evening capturing and vehicle extraction. This is especially important if you will be operating or travelling in a hostile or dangerous surroundings but even if you are working in a western region you will need to have to be informed how to offer with the menace of firearms.

Even with this education it can be a huge in addition to have operational experience in an ecosystem in which firearms have been deployed. This is why several close security officers are ex users of the army. If you don’t have past operational knowledge will not get worried this isn’t going to preclude you from turning out to be a shut protection officer it just usually means you will most likely have to put additional exertion into generating positive you are up to day with firearms coaching. Superior courses will also frequently supply function-participating in circumstances which can assistance give you a come to feel for an operational problem

Near Security and Stability is a Requirement When Functioning in Substantial Chance Work opportunities

For greater dignitaries and govt officials, close protection and security is offered to safeguard them from possible risks. These public personalities are generally at possibility since the criminals are prepared to damage them at any time. In the previous ten years, only government companies ended up held dependable to provide safety. In the present day, quite a few security providers give bodyguard products and services.
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The superstars and public staff want these products and services and so, the demand from customers for the proper agents are raising. The organizations will need to attain name and this is feasible only with the ideal brokers.

The dignitaries are furnished safety and security all the time. The officers are effectively armed and the weapons they employed count on the stability wanted for the client. As you might believe, safety is not some thing linked to shooting the perilous folks by itself. Quite a few operative methods are included though giving protection. The significance and heritage of the customer have to be recognized to evaluate the latest and past protection threats of the client. Without evaluating the danger degree, the corporations can not offer the necessary security.

Persons searching for safety solutions will need only experienced firms. As a result, all the companies want their personnel to be experienced. The brokers are hired right after a series of arduous choice method. The life of the VIP is in the palms of his bodyguard and so, they need to have top quality industry experts. The shut agencies offer education for the hired operatives to put together them for these operations.

The officers should be with the customer all the time. Even in the general public conferences, the security staff really should be with the client, guarding him from the crowd and other annoyance. Firearms must not be applied except essentially. At the exact time, the agent will have to know the strategies to offer with sudden calls for. Whilst schooling assists in creating these capabilities, lot of focus and determination is envisioned from the officers when they are on duty. As the life of agent are at threat, insurance coverage is a necessary.

The shut protection agents must also hold valid license to act as bodyguards and use the weapons. Occasionally, the officers will have to give suggestions to the consumer about area and foreign tours to make sure protection. The have to have to journey with the shopper is important and there are no excuses for time constraint. Individuals who look for shut protection employment can’t tolerate excuses due to the fact these excuses will put the daily life of the dignitary in danger.

Making sure Your Enterprise Is Secure With Near Defense Officers

There have been several claimed security related incidents a short while ago that have highlighted the need for environmental and bodily safety in just a company. Particularly if your business enterprise entails travelling to hostile environments, organic disaster very hot-spots, or if your business consists of very labeled facts/info or handling massive amounts of revenue, breech of stability are really genuine threats these days that need to not be forgotten. These can range from deliberate interception or retrieval of details, moving into unstable environments of political or social unrest to unpredictable functions of character these types of as floods or earthquakes.

Regardless of what the nature of your business, your amount a person priority need to be your employee’s safety. Despite the fact that it is normally feasible to determine the risk just before getting into a new surroundings, it is not usually feasible to avoid it fully. In these circumstances the finest way to minimise the hazards to actual physical security is to enrol personnel on instruction and instruction beforehand so they know how to deal with the potential threats they may perhaps face and minimize their vulnerability.

Sad to say actual physical safety is not always planned or budgeted for correctly and sometimes can be missed solely. Even so, presently it is a lot more important than at any time, especially if your enterprise requires any of the earlier mentioned pitfalls.
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Schooling on stability breeches, how to respond in a method of environments and how to react to health-related emergencies are commonly out there. There are lots of security schooling corporations, direct by educated gurus which include those with Particular Forces backgrounds and years of operational knowledge, who can train your staff members exactly how to behave in a crisis.

If you make a decision to enrol your staff on protection coaching it is essential to make sure the organization supplier employs trainers that have a great deal of operational encounter and that coaching is not just limited to the class home as there is no improved way to check your discovering than the realistic encounter.

The other selection is to use a skilled safety experienced normally acknowledged as a Close Protection Officer. These officers will know how to carry out risk and possibility assessments in advance of and when moving into your doing work atmosphere and/or venue, will have experience in surveillance and counter surveillance and have superior skills in driving single and multi vehicle convoys. On top of all this, a Near Defense Officer will be thoroughly qualified in a large array of self defence procedures and conflict administration and a lot more. These educated gurus are critical if your team are at threat of kidnap for a ransom scenario or if they are likely to be in possession of useful goods or information and facts.

Knowledge Shut Safety

The environment of Close Safety or bodyguarding as it is more commonly referred to, is anything that most persons only know through the media. They have observed the role glamorised by way of the movies, or by looking through journal content or fictional accounts in textbooks.

Though a fraction of this imagined details is close to the fact, the huge the greater part of what is demonstrated is considerably detached from the genuine truth of the profession.

The perceptions that several maintain are rather serious when it arrives to their notion of what sort of person they see working in safety.

It ranges from one finish of the scale wherever they think that all bodyguards or near security officers, as they shall be referred to from now on, are big aggressive people with really very little in the way of a absolutely working intellect. This then jumps to the comprehensive opposite end of the spectrum.

The place we locate our greatly adept tremendous clever consultant, who is capable to take on and defeat, any terrorist group or key felon. Both these ideals are much from currently being accurate.
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There may be a number of people who fall into the former definition, but they are not and hardly ever will be able of functioning at a skilled degree inside of the protection marketplace.

Also the media see of the get the job done of Near Safety Teams, which reveals them continuously defending their consumer in opposition to typical attack, is also pure creativeness.

There are formal teams who provide protection for selected individuals on whom there is a definite and ongoing threat, this sort of as the group defending Salman Rushdie. Intelligence and avoidance having said that, are the defences used with these groups not mass shootouts.

So what specifically do we indicate by the time period shut defense and what is the role of the shut safety operative?

The term near security has multiple definitions but the a person that describes the job most concisely is the adhering to:

It is to minimize the likelihood of kidnap, assassination or illegal act by the software of selected rules and steps to ordinary every day daily life.

So this then is the elementary role of individuals performing in Close Defense. Their obligation is to protect their employer, their Principal, by way of utilized typical operating treatments and protection precautions. What actions are necessary and at what stage have to be precisely assessed and decided by the group.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) research suggests that in 60% of accidents where protection equipment would have prevented or reduced the severity of an injury, Personal Protection Equipment was either not provided, provided but not used or was the incorrect type of equipment. In any of these situations the employer is open to both criminal and civil action by the injured… and likely to be found negligent.

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992 aimed to improve employers understanding of providing specific equipment with legal penalties for those that did not. A key target of the legislation was the construction industry who account for a large amount of injuries and it was seen as an area they could improve upon by providing suitable equipment. Personal Protection Equipment not only offers immediate protection in some cases, it is vital is protecting against long term damage and ill health.

The regulations require a business owner to complete a risk assessment to understand what risks are in their business and identify suitable control measures. Once the risks have been established, you need to see what you can do about removing them or introducing other activities to reduce the requirement to wear Personal Protection Equipment. The reason these types of equipment should be seen as a last resort are because:

– It only protects the person wearing it.
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Other staff could be at risk from the actions of the employee but how are they protected?

– For protection the equipment requires the user to wear it properly at all times; people can forget or not wear it correctly and therefore be at risk.

– Wearing Personal Protection Equipment can restrict movement or visibility and therefore introduce other issues to personal safety.

– Any equipment is unlikely to protect completely against all hazards.

Employers also have the following further duties to –

– Properly assess the protection provided to ensure it is suitable and will control the risks.

– Ensure the equipment is readily available.

– Meets the required standards. Various British Standards exist to ensure the equipment performs as required.

– Make sure the equipment is maintained and fit to use eg continues to perform as designed.

– Provide staff with information and instruction on how to use the equipment properly.

– Ensure staff are wearing Personal Protection Equipment when required.

Although the above duties sound too involved, it is not unreasonable for your staff to be protected from hazards at work and the main question to ask yourself is “what would I do in this situation and would I be happy wearing this equipment?” If you would not wear the equipment provided yourself, why would your staff?

Starting Your Profession As A Bodyguard

You have often seen that high-profile people usually have a team of people gathering around them in public places or markets keeping them away from rabid admirers.
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These are bodyguards who are there with high-profile people to ensure their safety and protection. The number of bodyguards varies in different cases, some have only one, and others may have two or three. But the duty of all these men is to provide security to their client. In recent few years we have seen a considerable rise in political unrest and other envious factors due to which security of these high-profile people is always a question mark. To ensure their security these people hire personal protection specialist or bodyguard.

There is no national standard for these protection specialists, but still there are few training institutes and organizations that prepare you as a bodyguard. But having a graduate degree is prerequisite for many of these training institutes to enroll you as a trainee. Following are given some key factors which you have to consider becoming a bodyguard.


Fitness is very important, if you want to be a bodyguard. You need to have a strong, athletic body and strong legs and arms which help you to give quick responses in critical situations. Remember, moving quickly, running, standing for long periods of time is a part of this job. So, make yourself prepared for all this if you really want to become a bodyguard.

Find a Training Centre

Having too many skills in your bag is a great advantage for you. It is vital to take any necessary training such as how to deal with weapons. Your skills should be of expert level.


Another important skill of extreme importance is your self-defense skills. One should be master in that skill if he wants to become a professional bodyguard. We can simply explain the importance of this skill as if you cannot protect your client against at least three assailants alone, there will be no point in being a bodyguard. There are some training schools that offer self-defense classes where they trained you in each and every aspect until you become an expert.

Enroll in a Bodyguard School

This point is linked with the previous two points. As we have said earlier that skills are very important. One can only polish his skills by enrolling himself in any bodyguard school. Bodyguard schools provide an extensive training that helps one to polish his skills to expert level. The training usually involves anti terrorism preparation, self-defense skills, security procedures, threat assessment, anti-ambush procedures, and martial arts, close combat and disarming advanced weapons.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE is additional appropriate personal gear usually recommended or regulated by OSHA/ANSI standards. The purpose of this personal safety equipment is to protect a person from different kinds of hazards that may occur in various circumstances. The nature of the hazards can vary.
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Sometimes it may be because of the profession or occupation that one chooses where they could be exposed to adverse health conditions, infection, heat generated or chemical related hazards, heights and elevated work surfaces, low-visibility, high traffic or noisy environments, etc. The person who is prone to be exposed to this kind of situation should have a well designed set of personal protective equipment.

Common equipment may include: hard hats, ear plugs, hearing protection, head, eye and face protection, respirators safety boots and coveralls. A hard hat or safety helmet is a protective form of head gear which is usually used in places like construction sites where there is risk of head injury due to falling objects. The hard hat is designed to spread the weight of the hat evenly over the top of the workers head, most hard hats are designed to maintain roughly 30 mm of space between the hard hat’s shell and the wearer’s head to greatly reduce the impact in the event of an accident occurring. Face shields and safety goggles are used to protect the face from flying objects and chemical splashes face shields are commonly used by the police for crowd control or in labs for chemical splash control.

Z87 Safety glasses protect the eye from dust, chemicals and impacts, some safety glasses come with UV inhibitor coatings and many have different lens shades to protect eyes from overexposure to light. Ear plugs or earmuffs promote hearing conservation and protect ears from very loud deafening sounds 90 dB or above that may damage the ears if exposed with consistency over time. Respirators provide protection from inhaling harmful gases, dust and fumes. Respirators may be disposable or reusable, some may contain a filter which purifies the contaminated air that the wearer is inhaling others are equipped with an alternate air supply for the user. Safety toe boots are safety boots with steel or composite toes these work boots are used to protect workers feet from falling objects especially in the toe area. FR, FRC or flame retardant garments are clothes which are made of specially designed fire resistant treated durable material to provide protection from fire. Wearing flame retardant clothing is a must for those who work in factories and mines or in places where there is a high risk of being exposed to or on catching fire.

Types of Security Guard Insurance Coverage

Security guard insurance is vital in today’s business environment. It protects both security guard agencies and the companies they safeguard. There are various policy endorsements available to security guard companies and adding some or all of the following available options can provide the full protection needed in this high risk industry.

Assault & Battery

Security guard insurance can include clauses to cover guards in the event they are accused of assault and battery while in the course of their duties. Assault and battery is a crime whereby a person makes physical contact with another while also threatening that person in some way. For guards this could be a person alleging the use of unreasonable, physical force.

Broad Form Property Damage

Broad form property damage is the general commercial liability portion of security guard insurance. It is the principal form of insurance coverage and provides extended protection over basic potential causes of loss or property damage to a client’s property or even the inability for client to use that property.

Error & Omissions (Professional Liability)

Error & omissions insurance is also known as professional liability insurance, and it is an important coverage option for security guard insurance. It protects the company against claims of financial loss due to failure or negligence while delivering professional security services. In particular, this insurance feature protects the business with regard to legal defense fees and any settlement expenses incurred.

Personal Injury

Security insurance should also include protection for personal injury risks including libel, slander and false arrest. Some policies now specifically exclude false arrest claims. Personal injury endorsements will indemnify the security company from accusations of false arrest or detention by a hired guard as well as libel or slander claims.

Incidental Medical Malpractice

Many general liability policies cover bodily injury; however, they do not include incidental medical malpractice. In a situation where a guard offers first aid while on duty, this coverage will protect against a claimant alleging medical malpractice against the guard and his employer.

Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy risk coverage supplies security companies with peace of mind from being sued for misusing surveillance methods or systems. Some causes of action have been brought against guards and security company employers using CCTV camera footage for voyeurism or discrimination so having this protection is necessary.

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious prosecution is a civil or criminal proceeding action that is brought against an individual or company without probable cause and for reasons other than bringing that person or business to justice.
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Security guard insurance coverage for this risk will protect guard companies from being sued wrongly and guard against frivolous claims.

Security Guards – Does Size Really Matter?

OK so you are looking to set up your own security firm. You have not really thought about the types of security guards you need for your business but you have seen the media representation of security guards and security officers. You start to obtain CVs and you get height, weight and body fat stats thrown in and on the surface, these potential candidates look impressive. They match the stereotypical big and tall, fearsome looking man with rippling muscles that put Rambo to shame! But stop and think a minute. Is all that brawn really necessary to make your business a thriving success? Perhaps you need to think again.

There are several things to consider when selecting security guards to work for your business

1. Who are your clients?
If you are concentrating on supplying manned guards to pubs, bars and night clubs, then you might consider size as an important factor when selecting a guard for your client. However, with the unfortunate rise in violent and fraudulent crimes and of course the horrendous terrorist attacks innocent people have had to endure; it would seem that everyone is feeling the need to be more protected and secure. Therefore, the wealth of opportunity for the new security business owner is no longer restricted to the entertainment industry.
These days security guards are required in all business arenas. Hotels, have security guards, Hospitals have security guards. lots of posh new developments have ‘concierges’ (security officers in disguise in my opinion) and of course many major office blocks in any major UK city will have at least one security guard. None of the security guards in the fields mentioned above need to have any major muscle ‘bulk’ to carry out their jobs effectively. This leads on to the next point, what skills are needed to fit your clients requirements

2. Skill sets
There are 2 types of skill. Physical skill and mental skill. Depending on your client, your security guard may need to have physical skills such as, being able to run and apprehend criminals, be physically fit enough to control a crowd perhaps. Or in some instances guards may have to be skillful at defending and protecting themselves against violence inflicted upon them or others. In this latter instance, there a plethora of martial arts strategies that can be learned by guards to use when they absolutely need to use them. To be an effective martial artist does not require anyone to be big and muscular. Think of all the martial artists you know at the top of their game. How many of them are massive and fearsome looking?
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Arguably, more important than physical skill is mental skill. The security guard that can control their own temper, appease an irate visitor, or diffuse a potentially violent situation with the power of language is worth his or her weight in gold and is an asset to any organization.

3. Professionalism
Ultimately the security guard you place in your clients organization is representing your business. Any behavior they display whether good or bad is a reflection of you. So regardless of the size of the person, if that guard is not professional, pleasant, approachable, vigilant, etc, you can forget about obtaining repeat business from that particular client. Moreover, bad news travels quicker than good news so if you have a particularly bad guard representing you, news will spread so fast that you could end up losing a lot more contracts.