Secrets of the Brain Unlocked – The best way to Increase Brain Power

The brain contains everything that makes us who also we are. This comprises not only each talent and skill, but also the particular records of all our experiences, hopes and dreams, the friendships plus achievements that give meaning and purpose to our lives.

It’s no wonder then, that with every little ‘brain hiccup’ – forgetting a name, losing our car or home keys (again), a sudden losing ability in our Bridge or Mahjong sport – we see our lives slipping away. In fact , many people fear losing their memories more than death alone.

The good news is that although the brain will shrink with age, its remaining capacity is very large. Even with age, most brains can still learn plus add new stores of information. Moreover, there are techniques that show you how to raise brain power and maximize your mental abilities. You can train your brain plus improve the efficiency of your memory, what ever your age.

How to increase brain power — Age and Experience

The common saying ‘You can’t teach an old canine new tricks’ is not true. Aging may have some effect on memory and learning capacity. However , the experience plus knowledge store that age brings can compensate for much of this. Furthermore, memory improvement techniques can help protect your mental functions into senior years. Using simple aids such as diaries, post-it-notes or electronic reminders may also help counter memory slips.

Tips on how to increase brain power – Expand the Interests

As we age, our psychological filing cabinets become packed with records of our own lives well lived. Yet by means of it all, the brain makes more complex organizations between ideas and puts brand new learning in the context of a vast store of experience. This means that it is easier to take in new information about subjects of which we have some knowledge and experience. So someone who plays chess as a hobby for instance, will build on his understanding of different chess positions and techniques the more he plays. He can pull on this knowledge and experience when he experience something similar next time, and become a much better player.

The same is true of any specialized niche, hobby or profession – Stamp collecting, music, politics, medicine, psychology, astrophysics or even television soap operas. Besides helping to maintain your mental capabilities, pursuing a new interest will make lifetime more stimulating.

Two Breakthroughs

The mind, once a mysterious ‘black box’ that scientists could not decode, is finally revealing some of its biggest techniques. This offers huge promise in order to anyone who’s worried about “losing it”. Two of the main findings consist of

(i) We do grow our own brain cells

Who doesn’t keep in mind downing one too many glasses within their youth and joking, ‘Well, there goes another thousand brain cells’? Many of us still believe that we begin life with billions of brain cellular material, and then slowly lose them with period (and alcohol). We’ll then possess fewer brain cells by our own twenties and thirties, and by center age. But in fact, in an impressive discovery, scientists have learned that the brain generates new cells every day, within a process called neurogenesis. What really happens is that most new human brain cell growth continues until early adulthood, around the age of 18 in order to 20. Thereafter, new brain cells do grow, but more expire off than are replaced, so there is a small and gradual yet progressive overall loss of brain tissues throughout the rest of adulthood.

The crucial point is that it’s not the number of cells, however the connections between them that matter. Any time you learn new things, you create new connections between the cells and thus raise the capacity of your brain.
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(ii) The more your use your brain, the greater the capacity

The second major new acquiring is equally encouraging. We used to think of the brain as if it had been a fixed electric power grid, like the ones that send electricity to our cities. When the system gets old or inundated, power decreases which then leads to. flickering lights and break down of devices. We believed that age put on down memory and comprehension in a similar fashion and there was nothing we could perform about it.

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