Cancer Insurance and Early Screenings : A Great Combo

Did you know that over ten million Americans are currently living with cancer? It’s a staggering statistic that reinforces the need for families nowadays to protect themselves from the potentially damaging impact of this illness. To protect your family financially, cancer insurance is the best expense you can make, but there’s no substitute for earlier prevention and treatment. It’s good to know that the right type of supplement insurance plan for cancer can combine both of these elements by not only paying for treatment, but covering the cost of preventative testing as well.
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With over 1 . four million cases of cancer diagnosed every year, the shadow of a cancer diagnosis is very real. The economic ramifications can eat away at your hard-earned savings and undermine the emotional health of a family, and with one in every three people diagnosed at some point with cancer, it can not be ignored.

A two-pronged approach to safeguarding yourself and your family from cancer’s effects is essential. Preventative care is among the best ways to protect your family’s future; the earlier you catch signs of cancer, the more likely it is that you can be successfully treated. But preventative treatment just isn’t enough – it needs to become combined with the proper insurance that will guard you financially when you are diagnosed – Fact remains that traditional health insurance does not cover 65% of the costs associated with cancer. Fortunately, today you can look into various supplemental insurance plans that guard you, your finances and your health by paying not only for treatments, however for preventative testing as well.

An example is usually Allstate Cancer Insurance, which has several unique features not found in regular health plans, including:

o Immediate payment to you
o Payment regarding procedures already covered by your main health insurance
o Payment for expenses such as travel and hotels related to cancer treatment
o Low premiums
o Coverage that pays for itself every year

One of the most valuable aspects of this insurance is the recognition that catching plus treating cancer in its earliest phases is essential – Early Detection can be our Best Protection! Allstate pays as much as $500 directly to the insured with regard to routine screening such as Pap smudges, mammograms and colonoscopies. By paying out directly to the consumer for getting annual examinations, this cancer insurance motivates people to get screened regularly. The earlier you catch cancer, the more treatable it really is and the higher the recovery rate.

Obviously, discovering cancer early is vital to cost-effective, successful treatment. With this type of insurance, you can rest simple knowing you’re doing everything you can to catch cancer early and you’re protecting yourself financially if you carry out have to get treatment. This one-two mixture means that even if you or a family member gets cancer, the chances of financial disaster are usually slim.

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