A Few Fortune Teller Costume Ideas

The particular role of a fortune teller is an exciting one to play. It does not always have to be Halloween to dress like that. It can be a party where dressing up can be real fun.
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And the best part is that you can let your imagination run wild when thinking of the fortune teller costumes ideas.

Dressing up just like a gypsy is the most common trend preparing to be a fortune teller. Gypsies were the nomads who traveled over the countries and often lived in caravan. Costume is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of gypsies.

With shopping malls and clothing shops at every nook and corner, you can easily get the perfect fortune teller outfit you are looking for. But if you do not wish to spend much and have a sewing device at your disposal, you can become the creator plus take the credit for the costume. If you are unable to think up of particular outfit items that can suit you, here are some suggestions that you can work with…

Women Costumes

Females definitely have more choice from shaded costumes to black and white look. Take your pick. If you have chosen to wear the colored one, get a flowing brilliant colored long skirt and a gypsy shirt with puffed and flowing sleeves to start with. Sew up some colored laces to the front of the shirt. Help yourself with a sash, black boots and stockings. Make a colorful bandanna for your hair of any color you like. And do not your investment jewelry. Wear large and long earrings, beaded colorful necklaces, wristbands or bangles, and anklets to accomplish the look.

However , if you have chosen the black and white look, go for a long, flowing black skirt. Teem it with a white frilled shirt and black vest (if you have one). Wear black boots and stockings. Add a colored apron or get lots of scarves to tie around your waist and a colorful headband to complete the look. When deciding on accessories, wear a gold hoop earring with beaded wristlets, and chunk, junk jewelry.

Men Costumes

Men do not have much choice like women but nonetheless look very handsome in their gypsy costumes. To begin with get breeches in black or brown and black boots. Obtain a white colored shirt that gives a pirate appearance and a vest of same color as that of your breeches. Add a gold trimming to the vest. Make a colored long scarf your sash and when you wearing black, choose a red one for your sash. Accessorize with a gold earring in one ear and wear a colored bandanna to perfect your look.

The whole idea of fortune teller costumes revolves around on what natural, authentic and colorful you look in them. Choose colors, styles and cuts that suit you best. While you can choose any color, yet the best colors to work are red, black, yellow, green, blue and purple. And don’t forget the props like crystals to increase the charm.

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